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Primaflex Rubber Hose Application

Water Hose:

Cooling, heating, transporting, fire-extinguishing, flushing, draining, watering... Water hoses have to work in a range of different conditions. That's why hose characteristics must be adapted to each specific purpose. In its range, PRIMAFLEX has hoses which cover most industrial and other needs involving water. Light,weight, flexible and durable: the firstrate, common characteristics which make them especially suitable.

PRIMAFLEX's range includes hoses for all types of high pressure handling using water or other liquids - for everything from light to highly demanding applications. Available in a wide range of dimensions.

Gas & Welding Hoses:

Reinforcement which provides maximum safety margins, an inner tube with a high flash-point, and an outer cover which can resist ozone and welding sparks - these are the common characteristics of PRIMAFLEX’s gas and welding hoses. The hoses are manufactured in accordance with existing standards and are often recommended by committees concerned with protective issues in industries.

PRIMAFLEX's compressed air hoses are made for use in the quarrying and mining industries, on house and road constructions, at shipyards and steelworks, and in foundries and engineering workshops, etc. Suitable for all pneumatic machines and tools: rock drills, riveting hammers, grinding machines, air chisel hammers, compressors, nut tighteners and smaller manual tools. The range covers all the commonly used work pressures and dimensions. Choosing a compressed air hose from PRIMAFLEX means trouble-free operation and a long service life.

PRIMAFLEX’s hoses for the food industry are of very high quality. They set standards rather than follow them. Joint characteristics: a white, smooth, easy-to-clean inner tube and an outer cover which leaves no marks.

Materials transport hoses is a well-established product segment for PRIMAFLEX. In close collaboration with users, we have adapted different hoses to their respective tasks. At the same time, we have aimed to make all hoses as easy to work with as possible. This means that light weight and good flexibility have been guiding concerns in development work.The hoses are very durable and work both within a broad temperature range and under extreme vacuum conditions. The durable inner tube also helps ensure a long service life.

The PRIMAFLEX range of oil hoses comprises safe and  economic solutions adapted to optimally fulfil the specific requirements of each application. A hose which does not meet requirements can cause major problems. In view of this, safety factors always determine the development of oil hoses. We knows that hoses on quays or mounted on tank trucks are subjected to tough treatment. That’s why we are so meticulous about safety margins. All factory- assembled hoses, for example, are pressure tested before they leave the plant.

PRIMAFLEX’s range includes chemical hoses of cross bound polyethylene, polypropylene and hytrel, as well as rubber. The range is the result of a purposeful commitment to quality and safety in the transport of all types of chemicals. Hoses conform to all international standards

Exhaust gas hoses from PRIMAFLEX are designed for suspended as well as floormounted applications. PRIMAFLEX is Indonesian’s leading supplier of exhaust gas hoses. The hoses withstand the high temperatures laid down for today’s exhaust emission tests, but are also lightweight and highly flexible.
Certain hoses have an integral polyamide helix which allows hoses to revert to their original shape in the event of being run over.

When you want to find the right hose for steam cleaning tasks, the vital factors are temperature and pressure. PRIMAFLEX's range contains hoses both for steam cleaning in the sensitive food industry as well as for exceptionally demanding duties in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

PRIMAFLEX’s custom made hose products are ideally suited for applications that require special tube and cover compounds, large diameters, length and built-in end fittings. 

Applications requiring custom made hose can be found in nearly every industry:

  • Bulk Hauling
  • Concrete Plans
  • Cosntructions Dock Facilities
  • Dregde Operation
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Paper Mills Power
  • Plants Refineries Sand and Gravel Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Etc

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